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Welcome to the Vaccine Research Library

Pro-vaccine information is easy to find. The CDC, Pubmed and Google put pro-vaccine messages at the top of your search. But a large body of scientific information has been published, documenting that vaccines are not safe, are not effective (i.e. not protective) and definitely cause harm.

In 2011, we realized how difficult – and time consuming – it is to find mainstream medical references documenting the harm being caused by vaccines. Finding these “needles in the haystack” is a tedious and time-consuming task. We have done the work for you by committing literally thousands of hours to comb through government reports, scientific research and mainstream medical journals to dig out the links to abstracts and full text articles you need to have at your fingertips. Membership to the Vaccine Research Library provides a convenient, time-saving options to answer the pro-vaccine pundits that say, “Show Me Proof” that vaccines cause harm.

We have done the work for you – membership supports this work and saves you time.
This is what we’ve put together – 300+ pages and more than 7,000 links to abstracts and articles, with more being added each week.


The Vaccine Educational Library is a living, growing entity that increases its content every day. Categories include additives and excipients, adjuvants, chemicals, animal and human cell lines, and viral contaminants. We have included special sections on LEGAL and SPECIAL circumstances, such as immigration and vaccines for the military. A growing section, VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS, contains information that confirms vaccines cause harm.


On Mondays, Dr Tenpenny will work towards posting a new blog. It is on the home page of the Vaccine Research Library. It will include information you can share on your own website and across social media. (timing will depend on many variables.)
On Wednesdays, we post a SCREAM of the Week. These articles, with comments by Dr. Tenpenny, are always FREE links and information for everyone, to post on your Facebook page, your emails and send to your friends. All screams are ARCHIVED on the home page, for easy retrieval .
On Fridays, we post a New This Week section, where 10-20 articles in the most recent medical literature are posted as breaking information. This MEMBERS-ONLY section remains active for one week, and then on Friday, each article is sorted into its appropriate category with a new selection post.

  • 2-WEEK FREE OPTION: The free trial option allows access to THREE vaccine categories – MMR, Pertussis, Hepatitis b, plus a page on the “Truth About Dr. Wakefield“. We have added information about the Zika Virus Hysteria in the free category – for two full weeks. This will give you a “feel” for how much vital information will be at your fingertips. You will  have the opportunity to see what is available in the the rest of the collection – nearly 300 pages and thousands of links. After that time, you will have the option to have become a FULL MEMBER.
  • MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS – please support this work! 
    • MONTHLY: You can sign up for 1 month at a time, for $9.98 per month, paid via PayPal.
    • QUARTERLY: Sign up for 3 months for $24.98, paid via PayPal (save $5)
    • ANNUAL: Enroll for a full year for only $99.00, paid via PayPal (save $20)

As a FULL MEMBER, you will have access to all information in the Library for the term of your membership. We have plans for expanding benefits to members, such as in-depth quarterly newsletter, conference calls and webinars. We want member input to what YOU need to have from us. Also, as a member, all ads will be removed.


The library has been completely redesigned for better navigation and use:

  • TOP navigation bar: You will see dropdown windows for all currently approved vaccines.
  • RIGHT navigation bar: You will see categories of all vaccine ingredients. The pages contain links to abstracts and full text articles. You can click on the links and save to your own collection.

Thank you for your interest in this complex and hotly debated topic. We hope that the day will come when humans are more concerned about the long term health consequences of vaccination than they are of the illnesses they are meant to protect against. Membership dues support the continued growth of this project and supports your right to refuse.

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