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The Vaccine Research Library experienced a powerful hack, right around the time the TriBeCa Film Festival pulled the film VAXXED!, about the CDC Whistleblower. We are working diligently to rebuild and restore the damaged database.

Strangely, but significantly, the "attacker" seemed to specifically target links and articles regarding the MMR vaccine and vaccines associated with neurological conditions.

Additional security and tracking mechanisms have been added to the site. Thank you for your concern, your support and your patience.


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Pro-vaccine information is abundant and easy to find, but it can take hours of searching to find the nuggets of critical information you need to PROVE that vaccines are NOT safe, NOT effective (i.e. not protective) and definitely DO cause harm.

The Vaccine Research Library has done the painstaking, time-consuming research for you. It is a goldmine for independent researchers, journalists, and the public at large. After thousands of hours of work, this incriminating information has been pulled from government reports, scientific literature and mainstream medical journals. NO INFORMATION HERE IS FROM MAINSTREAM BLOGS OR OPINION SITES. The Vaccine Research Library currently has 300+ pages and >7,000 links to abstracts and full text article - and those number increase every week. Members see it first in the New This Week section of this site.

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Vaccination – Human DNA at Risk

written by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABHIM Pro-vaccine advocates consistently defend the three same positions: “I have seen children die from a vaccine-preventable illness.” “Vaccinated children are protected.” “Vaccinating YOU is done to keep ME from getting... read more